Bandai Hobby SD BB408 YuanShu Zssa &TianKaiZhuang From "BB Senshi Sangokuden"

Bandai Hobby SD BB408 YuanShu Zssa & TianKaiZhuang From “BB Senshi Sangokuden”

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of BB Senshi San-Goku-Den with the YuanShu Zssa & TianKaiZhuang kit! The main kit’s parts colors have been changed to a silver with a clear yellow TianKaiZhuang included. Several BB Senshi San-Goku-Den kits are being released in time for this event so make sure to collect them all! (Each sold separately). Set includes FeiXuanGun, FeiShuangDao x2, and TianKaiZhuang. Runner x4. Sticker sheet x1. Instruction manual x1

Available for pre-order now!
Releasing February 2018