Bandai Shokugan Super Mini Pla Voltron From “Voltron”

Known as “Beast King GoLion” in Japan, the iconic giant combining mecha known as Voltron joins the lineup of Shokugan Minipla series! ! A hybrid plastic model kit and toy, the Super Minipla Voltron comes in pre-colored plastic with painted-in details and assembles with no glue! Completed product can be separated into 5 individual posable Lions and combine into Voltron. It includes: Black Lion, Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, and Yellow Lion. In addition to the Blazing Sword and Spinning Laser Blade, the Super Minipla Voltron features an original weapon called the Mega Blaster that is formed through combining all of the individual Lion weapon. GoLion is approx. 7.1″ tall.

Available for pre-order now!
Releasing Aug 2018