Bandai Tamashii Nations Tamashii Buddies Power Rangers

Bandai Tamashii Buddies Power Rangers Unboxing

Tamashii Nations’ latest Tamashii Buddies figures have arrived and they’re bringing a mighty blast from the past!

From hits ’90s television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers come Tamashii’s first wave of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tamashii Buddies. The wave includes the Red and Pink Rangers, and “Emperor of Evil” Lord Zedd Buddies figures.

Each Tamashii Buddies figure stands approximately 3.5 inches tall (9 cm) and comes with an interchangeable background and stackable frame. The Red Ranger includes a Tyrannosaurus “Dinozord” background, the Pink Ranger has a Pterodactyl background, and the evil Lord Zedd includes a background with his Z seen on his crown and staff.

Display them side-by-side or stack ’em up, but don’t forget to go go get your Power Rangers Buddies and be on the lookout for more Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tamashii Buddies coming soon!