Bluefin Distribution Center

Bluefin Brand Partners

Based in Anaheim, CA, Bluefin built its reputation as a leading distributor of Japanese toys, collectibles, novelty and hobby products. In recent years, Bluefin has grown to include a range of high-quality collectible lines from the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan and established itself as the official North American consumer products and retail development partner for Studio Ghibli. Selling to thousands of specialty, chain and independent stores, Bluefin is an official North American distributor for Bandai Hobby, Bandai Shokugan, and Capcom, and is also the sole provider of Bandai Tamashii Nations products, and is also the exclusive and official distributor for Blitzway Studios, Mr. Hobby, SEN-TI-NEL, Storm Collectibles, and X-Plus. Bluefin also represents TruForce Collectibles products worldwide.

Tamashii Nations

Tamashii Nations is the collector’s toy division of Bandai Japan and its most premium label for ages 15 and up. Tamashii means “soul” in Japanese, and the brand is built from the “soul’s” creative DNA and powered by a passion to create cool, fun, and amazing products. The brand is recognized for its superior level of quality and design and is quickly becoming a global sensation in the collector industry. When you see a TAMASHII NATIONS brand product, you know we have poured our heart and soul into producing a top quality figure. We guarantee you will find Tamashii Nations is a brand constantly evolving to offer something different, new, and surprising.


GUNPLA is the common name for plastic models of Mobile Suits, Mobile Armor and other robots or battleships that appear on the “Mobile Suit GUNDAM” series. Over 434 million GUNPLA models have been sold in the past 35 years since the first GUNDAM was released in 1980. GUNPLA models are designed and manufactured in Japan in order to maintain high quality and uniformity in design.


“Shokugan (食玩)” originally refers to a combination of high-quality, inexpensive toys paired with a piece of candy or gum sold on confectionary shelves. Carefully developed by Bandai, Shokugan has a 30-year history in Japan and is loved by all regardless of age or gender. Shokugan are toys ready out of the box and their size enables collectability from a wide variety of available series. Contrary to its low price value, high-quality tooling such as specific character expressions and a variety of detailed paint applications can be found in every product. Bandai Shokugan is dedicated to producing a wide range of low-priced, high-value character goods from popular properties like Gundam, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Mega Man, Kamen Rider and more!

Studio Ghibli

Established in 1985 and considered a national treasure of Japan, Studio Ghibli is a legendary animation film studio best known for full-length feature film classics including My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Academy Award-winning Spirited Away. Each Studio Ghibli item is crafted to reflect both the simplicity and depth of the Studio’s most beloved and unforgettable characters while giving us a peek into the enchanting worlds they inhabit.

Storm Collectibles

Storm Collectibles is a Hong Kong based company established in 2007 that licenses, designs, produces and distributes 1/4, 1/6 and 1/12 scale high-quality collectible action figures. Its founders are collectors themselves and their passion translates directly into their products. They focus on creating authentic and fully detailed likenesses that include not only head sculpts, but also high quality tailored clothing, fully sculpted, articulated bodies and a multitude of accessories. Storm Collectibles’ specialty lays with creating some of the world’s most notable ‘macho, big men’ from all walks of pop-culture, sports, video games and more!


Blitzway is a Korean based company that licenses, designs, produces and distributes 1/4 and 1/6 scale premium quality collectible action figures and statues. Blitzway prides itself in creating products that people want with quality that is unmatched. It does so by working with the best artists in the world and sparing no expense to achieve that perfect character representation. Blitzway has produced some of the world’s most notable icons including Marilyn Monroe, Rocky, Tyler Durden from Fight Club (Brad Pitt) and most recently the Ghostbusters.

Iron Studios

Brazil-based Iron Studios has been developing and manufacturing highly detailed collectibles from the world’s most recognizable pop culture brands, since 2012. With a growing product line that includes characters from such franchises as Marvel and DC Comics, Iron Studios is gaining worldwide recognition for the high level of fidelity and perfectionism evident in every piece they produce.


SEN-TI-NEL’s premium quality action figures and statues feature unparalleled product engineering and details. Their RE:EDIT line of reimagined Iron Man armors have superior articulation and utilize die-cast metal in key locations and LED’s for a more dynamic display.


TruForce was created to bring toy collectors from around the world, incredible representations of their favorite characters in action figure format. TruForce’s debut offering, Mega Man X, was successfully backed through a grassroots effort on Kickstarter in Feb. 2015 and was released in Sept. of that year to critical acclaim.