Zeta Gundam "SD Gundam", Bandai SDCS Gundam

New Additions To The SD Cross Silhouette Series! Zaku II, Frame (gray), & Zeta Gundam

New Additions are being added to the SD Cross Silhouette (SDCS) series!

The Zaku II strikes! A mass-produced MS with an abundance of weapons is joining the SD Cross Silhouette series! Utilizing a gray frame, the Zaku II can also combine the with BAN230354 CS Frame (sold separately) to allow for taller proportions! Clear parts are used on the mobile suit’s mono eye and includes an articulation gimmick which uses a rail. The iconic Zaku Machine Gun, Zaku Bazooka, missile pod, and Heat Hawk are all included! Set includes Zaku Machine Gun x1, Zaku Bazooka x1, missile pod x2, and heat hawk x1. Runner x3. Foil sticker sheet x1. Instruction manual x1.

Zaku II “SD Gundam”, Bandai SDCS Gundam
Releasing August 2018

Combine with other SD Gundam Cross Silhouette line items to recreate the tall proportions for each MS! Like, the White version, this also includes different attachment points and is compatible across the SDCS line. This frame includes a GM head. Runner x1. Instruction manual x1.

Frame Gray “SD Gundam”, Bandai SDCS Gundam
Releasing August 2018

The protagonist suit from Zeta Gundam appears in the SDCS line! Can be combined with the separately sold SDCS frame BAN230354/ BAN225765 to convert into normal proportioned appearance. Use the head from the SDCS Zaku 2 BAN230353 to make the Zeta Zaku from ZZ Gundam! Includes beam rifle, shield, grenade launcher, beam saber. Runner x 3, stickers, instruction manual.

Zeta Gundam “SD Gundam”, Bandai SDCS Gundam
Releasing September 2018