Sen-Ti-Nel Super Hero Illuminate Gallery - Marvel

Sen-Ti-Nel Super Hero Illuminate Gallery – Marvel

New From SEN-TI-NEL! The Super Hero Illuminate Gallery Collection 1! Each super hero is encased in a 7″ acrylic display box with LEDs that lights up automatically! Choose between two settings: Static and Motion Detected. These are a great addition to any Marvel fan’s collection! Showcase one or line them up together side by side for an impressed display! Choose your hero and collect them all!

Characters available:
• Captain America
• Spider Man
• Thor
• Vision
• Iron Man
• Ultron

Key Features:
• Motion detection
• Optical recognition
• Non-articulated figures inside a LED showcase

Switch mode:
• Switch mode 1 : Somebody passes through the front of the showcase, LED will light up for 10 seconds. If the environment becomes dark, LED will light up for 5 mins.
• Switch mode 2 : Lights up until switch off

3 AAA batteries arenecessary. No Battery is included.

Available for pre-order now!
Releasing Q1 2018
$25.00 Each