Tamashii Nations Chogokin R2-D2

Sizing Up the Tamashii Nations 12-Inch Perfect Model Chogokin R2-D2

We know a lot of you are interested in how Tamashii Nations’ 12-Inch Perfect Model Chogokin R2-D2 sizes up against the competition, so we decided to take a prototype of the astromech under the lights for a comparative photo shoot.

For the uninitiated, we recommend checking out the 12″ PM R2-D2 pre-order detail page for a complete breakdown of what’s included with the figure. For those of you familiar with the soon-to-be-released figure, here’s the comparison you’ve been asking for.

Artoo stands in a true sixth scale and was designed under the consultation of Seiji Takahasi, who also consulted on Tamashi’s highly regarded 12-Inch Perfect Model C-3PO. The figure features diecast metal construction throughout the body and weighs over 2 pounds! Artoo has built-in electronics in the form of eight LED lights and a variety of the droid’s signature click, chirp and beep sounds. The sounds are triggered by pressing the holographic projector found on the top of the dome.

When in bipedal mode, the cleanly deco’ed Chogokin Artoo stands slightly taller than Sideshow Collectible’s weathered sixth-scale R2-D2 figure. The figure looks great standing beside Hot Toys’ Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia figures, as well as Sideshow’s Jawas and C-3PO. But, who are we kidding? The Chogokin R2-D2 looks best standing beside its counterpart Chogokin C-3PO figure.

The Chogokin R2-D2’s dome is shaped slightly oblong, screen accurate to A New Hope. Tiny, often overlooked rivets seen around Artoo’s body panels in the movie are also present. Opening panels reveal manipulator arms and magnetic “Baker boots” that attach to the figure’s legs in bipedal mode are included. These tubes simulate when Kenny Baker performed as the droid and needed to conceal his legs. A magnetic restraining bolt ensures the feisty droid doesn’t make a run for it. But rather than us telling you, why don’t you watch the video below and let the designer behind the piece detail its features and development.

As you can see, Takahashi-san left no detail unturned on this R2 unit.

Please remember the Tamashii Nations 12-Inch Perfect Model R2-D2 figure photographed in this gallery is a prototype and not the final version of the figure. The wire seen in the photos is used to connect the figure’s soundboard to an external speaker when on display and will not be part of the final product.