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What is Digivolving Spirits?

In the early 2000s, the Digimon Super Evolution Series (Digivolving Series) toy line was a worldwide hit, coupling the concept of “physical evolution” through “physical transformation.” Following the success of the Digivolving Series, Tamashii Nations has set out to create the ultimate Digimon transforming figure series for collectors. These masterpiece Digimon figures replicate the overall proportions of each character and their evolved form using the latest sculpting technology. The pre-evolution “cuteness” and post-evolution “coolness” are translated to each figure and the final product is finished with premium materials such as chrome and diecast, where applicable. Digivolving Spirits is the ultimate Digimon transforming figure series for collectors.

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[1] Agumon >> Wargreymon

Digimon WargreymonDigivolving Spirits represents the cutting edge of transformable Digimon figures. You won’t believe the accuracy and detail lavished on this portrayal of Wargreymon, perfectly fusing its “cute” and “cool” aspects. This is the ultimate Digimon collectible! The 155mm figure incorporates both plastic and diecast parts.



[2] Gabumon >> Metal Garurumon

Digimon Metal GarurumonGabumon Warp! Digivolve to. . . Metal Garurumon! The smash-hit Digivolving Spirits series, which debuted last year, is a series of transforming Digimon toys aimed at discerning adult collectors. Now, for round two, the cyborg Digimon “Metal Garurumon” joins the fray! It perfectly replicates Gabumon’s digivolution into its ultimate form. The charm of the Digimon is that they’re cute before they digivolve, and supercool after. This transforming toy captures that transition without sacrificing either form. And it also uses diecast metal parts throughout!



[3] Keramon >> Diablomon

Digimon DiablomonThe third release in the Digivolving Spirits series is the ferocious enemy Diablomon as seen in the theatrical film “Digimon Adventure: Children’s War Game!” Faithful detail is rendered both in paint, but also with variously colored materials that allow you to transform Keramon into Diablomon without needing to swap any parts! In addition to the transforming figure, two important accessory parts are included. One is the famed “clock,” rendered in luxurious diecast metal. The other is a custom stand that can accommodate the figure in either Keramon or Diablomon forms.



[4] Tailmon >> Angewomon

Digimon AngewomonA new Digivolving Spirits release that perfectly captures the cuteness of Tailmon and the sexy coolness of Angewomon in one figure! Designed to harness the fun and surprise of transforming figures, this is the ultimate Digimon collector’s item! Uses multiple materials to capture all of the charm of the character. The helmet, bikini, and Holy Ring are cast in diecast metal for added heft and realism. The chest and ring are also chromed for a luxurious appearance! The attention to detail extends to the coloration as well, accurately capturing the color change between the two forms — without needing to add or remove any parts. Angewomon wasn’t released in the prior Digivolving series, so she’s totally fresh and new, with killer curves in Angewomon mode and super-cuteness in Tailmon. This is one figure Digimon fans won’t want to miss!



[5] Dorumon >> Alphamon

Digimon AlphamonThe fifth release in the Digivolving Spirits line is the mysterious Royal Knight Alphamon! The latest in toy design perfectly captures both its pre-evolved “cute” form of Dorumon and evolved “cool” form of Alphamon without sacrifice. And incredibly, it perfectly transforms without needing to swap out parts. This is one item Digimon collectors will not want to miss! The set includes a stand for Dorumon, plus optional hands.



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